giovedì 30 novembre 2023

Ibtm World 2023 last day


ENIT National Italian Tourism Agency' 402 m2 stand hosted 80 Italian exhibitors including Convention Bureaus, DMOs, hotel chains, conference centres, PCOs and DMCs and with the involvement of 11 Regions.

The stand again today will be home to a networking aperitifs and B2B meetings together with hosted buyers from international countries.

venerdì 13 ottobre 2023

Hosted Buyers 2023 - 3rd quarter

September 13 - 14   Ibtm Americas  -  Mexico City

September  22         Globemeets  -  Istanbul

September  26 - 28  IT&CM Asia  -  Bangkok

October  17  -  19    Imex America  -  Las Vegas

November  6  -  8    W T M  -  London

November  10  -  12 Philoxenia Expo - Thessaloniki 

November  20 - 22  Qatar Travel Mart - Doha

November  28 - 30  Ibtm World - Barcelona 

December 13 – 16 – Italy at Hand - Florence

Here M.I.C.E. calenderSeptember to December


lunedì 18 settembre 2023

Italy at hand - dicembre 2023

Sponsored by Enit and Italy Convention Bureau, Florence will host the next edition in december. Hosted Buyer Program is already open.  

>>>  Italy at Hand 2023

sabato 28 gennaio 2023

Ivana Jelinic new Ceo of Enit

  Ivana Jelinic is the new managing director of ENIT, the Italian Tourism Office. I will do my best with the passion and team spirit - said Ivana - and I like to imagine that the work that I am going to develop at ENIT can  amplify the potential of the Italian tourism and the Italian brand in the world.

venerdì 13 gennaio 2023

IACC e´ l´associazione globale che rappresenta parte del top delle piccole e medie Meeting Venues, e MPI e´ un network di oltre 95,000 professionisti del settore M.I.C.E. suddivisi nel mondo in oltre 70 capitoli. Mark Cooper, CEO di IACC and Paul Van Deventer, presidente e CEO di MPI  collaboreranno con un notevole numero di inziative per creare insieme campagne di successo per il settore.

lunedì 23 maggio 2022